About Us


EA Sports Management Group is an international football agency based in Liverpool with global expertise in Football/Soccer Player Management, Consulting, Marketing and Media.

Our comprehensive knowledge in the football industry world wide provides the necessary market resources to operate at local, national and international levels. We have the ability to identify potential opportunities for growing our clients’ careers on and off the pitch, both professional and our younger players.

We believe strongly in finding promising youth football players and making it easier for them to gain employment with the right clubs. We want to make full use of their talent by providing a personalised service, tailored to their needs that allows them to enter the professional ranks with the help of our experience and player management style.

Whether youth or professional football player, at EA Sports Management Group we strive to consistently make every effort to enhance individual mental strength, natural talent while adding to their game that will support their career in all areas related to their professional and personal life: management, national and international contract negotiation, marketing, financial consulting and career planning.

EA Sports Management Group is run by FA registered qualified football / soccer Intermediaries. Our Agency is based in Liverpool, London and several other major cities in the UK. We also have colleagues based in the USA and our wide-ranging network of contacts worldwide (mainly across the UK, USA, Europe and South America) facilitates players to move fluidly in these markets.

Football Management Agency

A Global Service Insight

We provide our clients with fully comprehensive, first-class football management agency services as well as football business consultancy advice. We help our clients concentrate solely on improving their game.

We are an elite, multi-discipline, independent football management agency able to sustain high levels of tailored services for our select number of clients with a great working relationship to get the results required.

As every football / soccer player is unique with different needs and goals, we work closely with them to mutually agreeable levels of client representation, which guarantees that our team is always available when they need us.

EA Sports Management Group’s core services include scouting, football / soccer management, sourcing clubs for players, negotiating national and international contracts, transfers, financial guidance/advice, legal consultancy, personal profile building /marketing and career planning.