We have a step-by-step process to determine each client’s unique situation, visions, financial needs, and long-term goals. Whether it’s setting up life insurance, investing in the future, or purchasing your first car, EA Sports Management Group is committed to providing its clients with full support. Professional athletes are vulnerable, and our job is to make sure you don’t have to worry about finances. Our goal is that you have money set aside for after your playing days and to enjoy the next chapter of their lives.

    Media Work

    At EA Sports Management Group, our goal is to zealously represent our players and maximize their contract value. We also seek to obtain and maximize off the field opportunities that offer other commercial opportunities

    As our clients move up in their sporting career, media control and management (press/social networks/internet) that can define the player are needed. This aspect will be crucial for maximising economic performance and clinching sponsorship deals.

    For all of that we consider the management of the following aspects to be key:

    • Interviews with the national and international press.
    • Content creation and viral biography for the press.
    • Maintaining relations and stable sections with the media.
    • Crisis management: we take care of our Clients reputations.
    • Digital press management (blogs, Wikipedia…).
    • Image rights protection for each player via the press.
    • Digital strategy that allows for coverage on different markets.
    • Advice on websites and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…).
    • We boost the number of the player’s fans to raise his profile (official Facebook pages, elimination of bogus pages).
    • We train in and manage sports fan/consumer databases