Profile building and marketing is among our top priorities to support how professional and youth players market themselves as their own brand. It is the company’s commitment that the player is at their best on the pitch, which makes them interesting to potential sponsors including some of the many prestigious partners we associate with. This will help the player build the correct brand image by increasing their name recognition and seeking out the best business opportunities for their additional earning revenue.

Financial & Legal Consultancy

EA Sports Management Group has the very best experts to provide first-class consultancy and support with the necessary accountancy and banking advice. We can take care of our clients’ taxation, pensions and investment opportunities.

Planning Ahead

Football/soccer career planning is an area in which EA Sports Management Group excel and take very seriously. We endeavour to offer thorough advice and guidance to our clients, which help them make significant career decisions in order to sustain a positive evolution and move forwards professionally during and far beyond their playing career in Football/Soccer, TV or other opportunities.

We understand the importance of this, once a player retires from playing.