At the end of a hard football season, it’s tempting to kick back and give yourself the entire summer off to recharge your batteries ahead of the next campaign. While that approach will seem like an excellent idea in the long, warm days of June and July, you’ll be kicking yourself come the start of the season, especially when you can barely play five minutes of a match without needing a breather.

To ensure match day doesn’t come as too much of a shock to the system, at EA Sports Management Group, we target a four-week training plan before pre-season and returning to your clubs. We’ll warn you now that it’s not going to be an easy month, but you’ll be delighted that you put in the hard yards come the final 20 minutes of the first game back. Perhaps that translates to scoring a goal or getting back defending, making that last-ditch tackle as a result of being the only one fit enough to keep running.

Do you think the manager, coaches and fans will notice your hard work? It simply pays to be the fittest you can possibly be.

Once you’ve got yourself back up to speed with these fitness sessions and ball work, your confidence and mentality will be unbreakable.