Football/Soccer Scouting is a very important part of the work at EA Sports Management Group with our current players and using our great eye to find more promising football players. Our team of scouts are always looking for young players that possess unseen potential ability that the player can unlock to progress their career. By using our vast experience, we feel that the players can go on to have fantastic careers with some players reaching the highest level in Domestic and World Football/Soccer.

Next Move

Sourcing Clubs for Players is something EA Sports Management Group specialise in, using our wide network of contacts at professional clubs across the UK , USA, Europe and the rest of the world. With these relationships in place, we have the resources to find a suitable club for our clients’ footballing aspirations.


EA Sports Management Group has a long-term experience in executing successful national and international contact negotiations for our players’ contracts, that suit their needs. Our qualified team has the expertise and the diplomacy skill to get efficient and effective deals that ensure the best contractual terms for all parties concerned.


A massively essential phase of a football / soccer player’s career are his transfers, this is why it is one of our top priorities to ensure our clients at EA Sports Management Group have fluid transition between clubs by meeting not just all their professional requirements but also their personal needs.