Trialling and Trail Games

EA Sports Management Group’s national and international football/soccer trials and trial games are held in London, Liverpool, right across the UK and different countries across Europe, USA, South America and will shortly be expanded to the rest of the Globe.

These events by EA Sports Management are in conjunction with the fantastic Elite Pro Academy who produce some of the finest footballing talent; players to have gone on to represent their counties and play at the highest levels of football in the biggest leagues around the world.

By attending these trial games, you will be able to show your ability, fitness, commitment and mentality to make the final two elite teams of the high standard needed. These games will then be played in front of representatives and scouts from clubs of all tiers in the country in which they are held. From there, we select players to go on trial directly into the appropriate clubs based on the talent and player profile needed for all the clubs we have contact with.
For example, in the UK trial games, we will have representatives from the English and Scottish Premier leagues, Championship, League One, League Two and the national league in attendance.

The aim of our National and International Football/Soccer Showcase events are not only to provide players with an opportunity to display their skills in front of the right people, but to also allow them to understand more about what is needed to play football/soccer at a professional level and to provide players with a fantastic experience of competing for that chance.

We pride ourselves on player care, so afterwards we are always available for feedback and advice, we care and understand that feedback is important and this gives the players that edge to go away and put what’s needed into their game.

Professional & non-league football in the U.K is very competitive, with only a small number of talented players making it into the professional game, however, playing in different countries can be a great way to gain a foot-hold on the professional ladder and begin a career in football. That is also an option we provide, with contacts all over the world.